Chemical toxins; Cides – act of killing

What problems do toxins cause?
Let’s talk about your backyard, a grass space or a park. If there are weeds growing in the grass of your backyard that you do not want living there, you have ways to remove them. The way people generally do this is with some form of chemical.
Pests – pest-i-cides

Herbs – herb-i-cides

Insects – insect-i-cides

Fungi – fung-i-cides

Rodents – rodent-i-cides
Think of the words genocide or suicide, depressing as those words may be the term “cides” in Latin means the “act of killing” or “killer”. Why is it ok to make up chemical concoctions to kill off pests or weeds?

 Do not be fooled into thinking that it is ok to kill off that brightly coloured yellow-headed dandelion in your backyard without some consequences.  Do you think that somehow it will not affect you, your neighbour or possibly your grandchildren in the future? These chemicals are designed to KILL. We are too big to be killed off from one single dose of these common “cides”, but think about the effects that they have on a cellular level within our bodies. Inevitably, we will be in contact with these “cides”; We absorb them when lying on grass, we digest them when we drink tap water and even most bottled water, we also eat it in almost all foods especially nonorganic and processed foods and we absorb them by inhalation. We cannot be ignorant enough to believe that it only kills off this one tiny weed and that it has no bearing on any other aspect of our health or the health of our planet.
Human beings believe that we are somehow removed from nature, from plant life, from insects, and from animals because we are civilised and live in houses with running water, air conditioning, the internet and we have bug spray under our kitchen sinks, but we live in a world-wide eco system that is integral to our lives and one that we play a giant role in, unfortunately we are doing more harm to it and to ourselves than you may think.
Researcher will dismiss that detoxification works in the removal of toxins from our bodies and that it is just a sales tool. Our liver is designed to take toxins out of our body but our livers were not designed to deal with the amount of toxins and stress that we place upon it.

 We need to work at reducing the toxic load placed on our livers.