Pain – Listen to your Body

The problem these days is that we have lost the ability to communicate with our bodies with the use of:
1. SYNTHETIC HORMONES (contraceptive medication)
2. PAIN KILLERS – hiding pain and the symptoms your body is trying to get you to notice.
3. RECREATIONAL DRUGS/PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS – and their possible side effects and blocking the body to communicate with you again.
4. Lack of SLEEP – Sleep is when our body gets a chance to heal and recover, lack of sleep may prevent your body from functioning at its best. A lack of good quality sleep – even if you are getting 8 hours a night may still prevent you from waking refreshed and recovered from the previous day.
5. Poor FOOD CHOICES for your body – poor food choices are usually high calorie foods and contain low levels of nutrients. To feel our best we need to fuel ourselves with the best foods that we can eat. Food is what our bodies are made from. If you are eating junk food you will have a junk body that breaks down and becomes ill. If you eat the best that you possibly can you will be the proud owner of the best body that you can have. Why have a fiat when you can have a Ferrari? All we can do on any given day is our best.
6. IN ACTIVITY – sitting is now considered the “smoking” of our generation. What is meant by that is sitting and being inactive is what is going to make us sick, obese, depressed, in pain, on medication etc. If you suffer from back pain the worst thing you can do is to be inactive. I am not suggesting to hit the gym when you are in pain but when you are pain free (and not from using pain killers) you should be working on strengthening your body to try to keep you pain free. It is best to get a strengthening programme done up by a professional so that you do not add to your back pain. It doesnt make sense not to strengthen your back. If you are suffering because of a weak back you need to fix the problem. Taking pain killers and what a back support are not going to do anything to help with the actual problem of having a weak back they will just mask the symptoms until it flares up again.

How your body talks to you:
Pain and discomfort is the main way that your body talks to you.
There is good pain and bad pain. You need to be able to differentiate between the two. Good pain is a sign that you have been exercising and that you have worked and used your muscles. This pain is expected. Bad pain is when you know something is wrong and there may be damage done to something – muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, discs etc if this pain occurs you should stop what caused the injury. Alot of Injuries come from poor posture and overuse of the body in this poor posture. sitting especially at a desk can lead to terrible posture, injury and pain.

Listen to your body:
Symptoms (eg pain (bad pain) blocked nose, runny nose, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, itchy skin, headaches, PMS (females should know their cycle inside out but because of synthetic hormones the female body can no longer communicate effectively with the rest of the body etc) these are all different ways that your body is trying to communicate with you. Do you know how your body is trying to communicate with you? Are you listening to these symptoms? Or Do you take painkillers to rid your body of the symptoms/Problem or do you get to the root of the symptom/problem?
If you aren’t listening to your body how do you really know how you should feel? We all want to feel our best on a daily basis but the problem is most of us do not know what it feels like to feel our best on a daily basis and then this non-optimal feeling become the new norm and we think this is as good as it gets or we put any aches and pains down to the aging process. Everyday we are ageing, as one of of my clients says “I’ve never been this old before” This is where we are letting ourselves down. We need to listen to our bodies. Our body is always trying to function at its optimal, our body has the ability to heal itself once we listen to it and provide it with what it needs (nutrients, rest, water, relaxation and laughter).
For some people being sick is their new normal… this does not need to be the way that we live our lives.

Some people let a diagnosis define them. They let their whole life become the disease, like a form of identification, a badge. This is me and this is what’s wrong with me. All they think about is the disease which lets the disease control their lives.

We need to listen to these symptoms and figure out what is causing these symptoms. Symptoms can be improved. We should always used medications as a last ditched effort to solve our symptoms.
Try to improve your symptoms by
1. listening to your body
2. nourishing your body
3. resting your body
4. strengthening your body
5. loving your body
6. stretching your body